Customized messages available to businesses and individuals.

The man who has no imagination has no wings - Muhammad Ali 

Dear Friend

Welcome to the debut collection of my '2020 Vision Frames', an affirmation set to prose.

All frames are gift-wrapped, and contain instructions for the best way to get results. This is not a quick fix to achieving your goals but will assist you along the way.   






Please get in touch if you would like to purchase a vision frame, as availability cannot be guaranteed at this time for automated online orders. 

Prints available in digital and paper formats, 8x10 or A4.    

Frames are gift-wrapped prices start at £20 and include P&P for mainland UK customers.  

Payments made via PayPal

Other sizes and formats are available.

Eco-friendly textured paper 250g off white, created and printed in the UK. 

Frames manufactured in different countries. 

Stay blessed as your best is yet to come!

Light & Love

Yasmin Edwin

Image by Raphael Schaller

Holistic Perspective

Use your inner guidance to upgrade yourself!

Dear Friend
Whilst I am available to assist with a variety of therapies to kick start your road to a new you.
This section is for you to explore your own direction.
There are a number of modalities for you to choose from, a list of links is being created of people I have followed and learned from, this is a long list and I really want to get the first edition right which is why I have decided not to put it up yet.
As a rough guide start your day with gratitude, meditation, grounding and protecting exercises.
Take three deep breaths to centre, and  see what you are drawn to, then ask the Angels, Inner Guidance, or Higher Power to guide you to the right platforms. Yes it is that is easy, if you feel unable to connect don't worry get in touch and I could help to get you on your way.
Angelic interaction  
Aura cleansing
Chakra cleansing and balancing
Energy Healing
Grounding and protecting
Believe in the process, that life is bringing you all that you need and much more!