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Holistic Perspective

Use your inner guidance to upgrade yourself!

Dear Friend

Whilst I am available to assist with a variety of therapies to kick start your journey to a new you, it is physically impossible to reach a wider audience on my own; through my personal sessions and selling various healthful plans.

This section is for you to explore your own direction, use your own inner Spirit.

There are several modalities for you to choose from, you can incorporate as many as you are drawn to and feel comfortable practicing. You may want to try all before finding the ones you feel most comfortable and in need of right now. Your choices will change as your personal developments change, and remember there is no right or wrong, if you follow your inner guidance which is the best guide and consultant you could ever need, learn to connect with this inner Spirit, it is your friend.     

As a rough guide start your day with:

Gratitude – Give thanks for “this day because you are able to live another day”, another day to move forward, your healthy mind body and soul, your senses (you could name them), friends and family, work, ability to pay your bills through your job or other means, love which is either given by you given to you, the home which keeps you safe, ability to imagine, dream, think, read, write, food, water, sun, rain…This exercise does not have to be long you could start with whatever comes to mind when you first wake up. You could set a time of 1-3 minutes, whatever you want to. Be genuine and truly grateful for all things, as the Universe will hear your gratitude for all the small things and bless you with big things!   

Grounding and Protection – In my opinion the most important daily exercise to perform for all individuals at the start of each day. This is however highly beneficial for those suffering from anxiety, stress, fear, and depression… greater benefits can be achieved by doing this 2-3 times a day. Connect with the powers from above - Heaven, and below - Mother Earth. There are several techniques available, my main one is to sense the energy travelling down from heaven penetrating through the aura and body travelling downwards, where the energy goes out in the form of poles or roots through the feet and base chakra, into the ground into the centre of Mother Earth, where the poles or roots invigorate themselves by re-energising themselves, and then travelling through the various layers back through the body and out through the crown chakra. You can then envelope yourself in a bubble, and equip yourself with the Armor of God, place the cloak of invisibility around you – different strokes for different folks.      


Prayer – Prayer is a powerful technique when used correctly, the styles vary depending on an individual’s belief system, up-bringing, life-experiences etc…There are several surveys carried out across the globe which confirm, in times of trouble even those who may not consider themselves to be a “believer” do turn to prayer out of desperation, they feel the need to turn to the Supernatural as the Natural is no longer providing them with what they need in that given moment of crisis. In my sessions, and exchanges I almost always say there is no right or wrong way of doing certain things, but I do make an exception with this subject. If you are of the Judeo- Christian background then praying to the Divine does not include the notion of begging, pleading etc…instead feeling is the prayer, many great authors and World-renowned speakers have discussed this. In short prayer consists of giving thanks and praise as if you have already received it, and you spend time immersed in the feeling of how it would be for you, as if you already have and are experiencing that which you have been asking for. Then close in prayer with thanks giving as if it has already been done in Jesus’ name. This is a complex topic of discussion; I have provided you with the basic foundations for now              

Take three deep breaths to centre, and  see what you are drawn to, then ask the Angels, Inner Guidance, or Higher Power to guide you to the right platforms. Yes it is that is easy, if you feel unable to connect don't worry get in touch and I could help to get you on your way.


Angelic interaction  


Aura cleansing

Chakra cleansing and balancing


Energy Healing

Grounding and protecting









Believe in the process, that life is bringing you all that you need and much more!

Do It Yourself: Welcome
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