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I am what I am

Exceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time

Ever since I was a young child, I knew I wanted a career path that would make a difference in people’s lives, I knew and never hesitated when asked what I wanted to be. This interest led me to study conventional subjects at college and university, I attended university part time as a mature student. Due to various circumstances combined with a hint of disappointment after college, I gained employment roles unrelated to my initial plan. Having said that I met interesting people along the way, and gained invaluable experiences and life lessons - something I would have skipped if I had got through my plan "A". More importantly I have managed to make a difference to peoples lives, and gained indirect work experience in a discipline of my interest. It is amazing where life can take you!   

I am committed to the well-being of all of my clients and promote methods of self empowerment, self-healing, and a deeper connection with the inner spirit. Our inner spirit, conscience, inner voice is our best guide, learning to discern between our inner spirit and our ego is our biggest challenge! 

I truly care for all of my clients, and work diligently to help find them the answers they seek. Since 2010, I have worked with a variety of clients dealing with circumstances that are unique to their lives. Although the majority of this was voluntary, as I was gaining experience and afterwards I felt as if it would be wrong to charge, I rationalised this by telling myself I was working ad hoc for a greater good. Having undertaken therapy work in this section for myself, I have gained a healthier relationship with charging for my holistic business services, without feeling guilty. I have accepted this is the next stage and I will be lead to my next destination from here.       

I am not particularly fond of putting labels on certain things, and apply this concept to myself and my services. I believe calling myself anything other than a holistic therapist would be ‘restrictive’. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years; and do not believe ‘one size fits all’. My sessions are bespoke to an individual’s specific needs and requirements. Practising as a holistic therapist enables me to ‘examine’ the whole person, the situation at hand, as well as looking at the past, analysing external factors, how one sees themselves, and why!     

My interest and connection with the spiritual and metaphysical, aspects of our existence have been present from a very young age. Partly due to being brought up in a Christian and Catholic household. I became more aware of my interests towards holistic techniques during my early teens. I grew up not knowing why I was drawn to certain things, which were usually of the supernatural nature, but I felt safe knowing that I had a special spiritual connection and was destined for something unique.

I don’t profess to heal anyone, I believe I am a mere conduit to support those who seek my assistance in either “filling the void” experiencing a session of self-discovery, or benefiting from a treatment. I can assist in finding clients the right modality to work with, enabling them to continue on their chosen journey. My sessions are based on finding a happy medium for my clients, with a strong emphasis on clients being able to apply techniques into their routine to experience long term benefits.

Over the years I have had to climb my own mountains; I have had great times of ascending to the top at a fast pace, making me feel I could do anything, and I fallen from great heights, with great force, and a few bumps on the way down.  Reflecting back on these encounters, has made me realise that I personally have become humane, as circumstances had turned me into an ice queen, my experiences guided me into a direction which I may not have chosen otherwise. Having the insight I have will never make life completely smooth, plus it may be a bit boring, but I know having the skills to hand will help me to overcome obstacles without the negative behaviours. The following are just some of my major battles, which I have had to overcome: anger, forgiveness, fear, control...

This is most definitely not my final chapter, but the beginning of another. I believe I will accomplish my childhood destination, and new ambitions. God appears to be taking me through the scenic route! It would be my pleasure to make your acquaintance along the way!   

There is a lot more to me, I like to live a private life, which is classified or as they say on a need to know basis!

I look forward to meeting you in the not so distant future!

My best is yet to come!

Yasmin Edwin 

It is time for your upgrade, as YOUR best is yet to come!

About Me: About Me
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