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God/Higher Power
Source Energy


From a personal perspective faith has kept me going through some of the most difficult phases of my life, having faith has not given me an easy road to walk, but helped me to cope with some of the most challenging phases I have had to face thus far, helping me to make sense of situations...I could go on but I am sure you get the gist of this. It would have been easier to turn to drink, drugs, gambling...for a period of time I did have a few vices - these were times where I had consciously shut the door on God, you can call it whatever you like. I was angry with God for everything that had gone wrong.  

Fast forward...I realised God was not the problem, I needed to stop listening to the ego, negative voices, I had stop blaming God for the wrongs other people including "Christians" had said and done, still do, and am certain still will, after all God made us with free will. Therefore we make the choices to hurt one another, lie, look the other way, kill, steal, conquer... I have had to re-connect with my inner spirit, relinquish the desire of control and allow to be guided, leave my ego, learn to discern between the two. Did it work? Yes, there are still times when things don't always work out the way I want but that is alright, I have a new perspective and know that no matter what comes my way in the end God works all things out for good. Working and turning to the Trinity is amazing, that is where I now go to for a recharge, information, guidance...This is why I have put God as part of the team. 


Are Angels, Demons, Spiritual Strongholds, Karma real? What do you think? There is enough coverage of them in our society, programmes, films, books, I just happen to acknowledge my faith, source of guidance and incorporate it into my work, to omit it would be a disservice to myself, God, and clients.    

I have tried, studied and practised a variety of holistic therapies, I personally don't but some may refer to as "new age" although there is nothing new about new age, as well as tapping deeper into my faith. Faith is not to be mistaken with religion although some people may argue otherwise. 

I don't have all the answers, none of us do, but I do know that faith without action is dead, as are actions without faith.

I no longer put my faith in people, technology, food, they are temporary fixes, and most times they let you down or give you negative side effects. I aim to empower clients with long term solutions rather than short term.

Visualisation, positive affirmations, re-programming of mind, healing, minds eye these are biblical concepts. Holistic perspective brings the main source of such practices together for you.    

It is time for your upgrade, as YOUR best is yet to come!

God/Higher Power Source Energy: Team Members
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