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Unique You


You could be anyone - there is no specific kind of client! I have worked with a variety of individuals. Some people just want to have a listening session, sense the energy, try a something different, get another perspective and are satisfied! This is fine as they are getting whatever they feel they need, and are set on their own path of discovery.

Then there are those who have a treatment and want to continue developing their skills outside of the sessions, they may have specific goals to meet. This is the best way to get long lasting results for yourself.

I consider clients to be very practical individuals, who although often inquisitive are open minded, and possess a natural desire for change. 

You could have everything going for you but still feel like something is missing, don’t know what it is, may even feel guilty for feeling like this as you know how blessed you are in. But you feel the pull to figure out what it is that is keeping you from "the inner peace".


Whoever you may be, you need to be open minded, wanting to try various techniques you may be drawn to, these could provide you with: a change of perspective, learning new coping mechanisms, receive some inner healing, or just feed your curiosity.

Depending on the kind of physical ailment you have, inner healing can lead to physical wellness.


For those in search of a deeper meaningful long lasting change in their lives, I would say you have got to really want to make a change, and be prepared to put in some work. Sessions are designed to assist you as individuals, they will not assist you in helping to change others. We have no control to change others, only ourselves. A change of perspective can bring a change of pretty much everything! 

Although I have discussed my faith, as that is where I receive my guidance from. I work with individuals irrespective of whether they have a belief system, faith based or otherwise, without imposing mine unless clients are happy to incorporate the nuggets of wisdom into their sessions.    

It is time for your upgrade, as YOUR best is yet to come!

Unique You: Team Members
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